Hammond Light Haulage
(and Courier Service)

Hammond Light Haulage (and Courier Service) is based in Canterbury and provides courier and transport services to customers throughout East Kent - including Canterbury, Dover, Folkestone, Ashford, Whitstable, Faversham and Sittingbourne - plus London and further afield, 24-hours a day.

We provide a friendly, efficient, and cost-effective delivery service to addresses across Britain and mainland Europe.

Our drivers are highly experienced and take the utmost care to deliver your goods on time and in good condition. Consigments are insured while in transit and prompt proof of delivery is provided.

If your company is looking for a professional delivery service at a competitive price, give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you.


All rates are for same-day deliveries and are charged per loaded mile with a £15 minimum:

There is no charge for empty mileage unless neither the collection address nor the delivery address is in East Kent. Returns are charged at 1/3 rate, minimum 10.
There is a small additional charge for late-night deliveries, central London deliveries and waiting time.
Road tolls are charged at cost, as is the London Congestion Charge.
All prices are ex-VAT.

Regular or contract customers will receive a discount of up to 5p per loaded mile.

Account facilities are available for business customers.

Reduced rate service, Kent, Sussex, Surrey and South East London. 15-30 plus VAT.

We offer a same / next day service to anywhere in East Kent at any time for 15 plus VAT. We are pleased to be able to extend this service over a wider area at certain times of the month for between 15 and 30 plus VAT. The rate depends on the size of the item and the urgency. This service can only be offered on the days that coincide with our regular distribution deliveries.

All of Kent and Sussex. We have a two day window in the early part of each month and a week long window in the second half of each month.

Surrey and South East London. We have a week long window in the second half of each month.

Items need to be clean and not too large. There are no set maximum dimensions but your items must be able to fit in the van alongside our regular deliveries.


Hammond Light Haulage (and Courier Service) began life as Hammond Despatch, founded by Laurence Hammond in Canterbury in 1984. In the early days it was a one-man operation, with just one motorcycle.

An initial twice-weekly contract for a large building contractor got the business underway, delivering internal mail and computer tapes between Canterbury and London. As the number of customers grew, so did the number of couriers. In the tougher economic climate of the 21st century we have gone back to more like it was at the beginning, with Laurence doing the majority of deliveries himself, assisted by a small number of part time couriers.

Over recent years demand for large-load van deliveries has increased while demand for smaller deliveries has dropped. Responding to our customers needs, we made the large load side of the business our main focus. To mark this change, Hammond Despatch was officially renamed Hammond Light Haulage (and Courier Service) on 2 January 2006.


If you need an urgent delivery or quote, please call Laurence on:

01227 458038  or  07850 207018

If you have an enquiry which is not time-sensitive, you can also contact us at:


Hammond Light Haulage (and Courier Service)
20 Halstead Close
Kent, UK


We urgently need one small van owner driver on a part time basis. The work will be on an `as and when required` basis but there is now enough work to justify bringing in one new driver.

Owner drivers with panel vans or Lutons are welcome to leave their details, but demand for these vehicles is very irregular and we cannot promise much work.

To be eligible, you must:
a. live in East Kent.
b. provide your own vehicle.
c. be available at short notice.
d. have motor insurance which does not prohibit you from working as a courier.

If you wish to give us your details it is quicker and easier by telephone, but if you prefer to send an email please tell us where you live and provide a contact telephone number. We will only reply to emails that include this information.

It is only fair to advise potential drivers that there is no possibility of us offering you full time delivery work in the prevailing economic climate. If you are hoping to work as a full time courier you would be better advised to contact one of the large courier companies. Any work we may be able to offer will always be on an occasional basis. Please note that you will not be provided with a vehicle. We strongly advise you not to pay fees to any courier company purporting to offer you work in exchange for a fee, because this is a well known scam.

Payment is 90% of the invoice value.

We do not employ support staff in any capacity.


E-Bay. We will only quote for deliveries arising from trading on E-Bay if the transaction has been completed. Unless it is a large, heavy or high value item it is usually uneconomic to use our services for such deliveries.

Other Information

Info for other Courier Companies

We are unable to accept work from any company in direct competition with us. However, if you are from another area or an indirect competitor we will help you out in an emergency, subject to vehicle availability and a 10% surcharge on our rates.

Parking Ticket Policy

Our policy is to park legally whenever possible, but some local authorities (especially in London) mark their roads in ways that make legal parking almost impossible, then employ parking contractors to issue as many tickets as possible. A parking ticket can wipe out the profit on a job, so our policy is that if we receive a parking ticket while loading or unloading, and there are no grounds for appeal, we ask our customer to reimburse us half of the penalty charge. If the customer declines we will not accept future deliveries to this address.

Office: 01227 458038      Mobile: 07850 207018

Other Information
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